Manomara health packages and high frequency skin products are made by the Atlantic ocean in Jersey, Channel Islands.

Expert designed & formulated by member of Society of Cosmetic Scientists, Anna Messervy-Evans, these active products and lifestyle plans work.

Our Maternal Fertility Package is tried and tested. By nurturing our future mothers, we create the space for an adored infant to grow. It really works. You are so welcome, come and join us here.

For all over skin and emotional health, discover Soul Butter, the first of it’s kind, hybrid skin balm, which is dermatologically tested, both functional and luxurious, activity supporting and life enhancing via it's high vibrational active ingredients. Soul Butter has a myriad of uses – and a tribe of loyal customers.

All products are decades tested, free from petroleum, synthetics, parabens, free from intervention, free from excess packaging and free from cruelty.


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