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Soul Butter + Sea Kelp

Our best selling Soul Butter now contains Sea Kelp, harvested from the clean Atlantic West Coast of Jersey in the Channel Islands.

Soul Butter is a multi tasking hybrid balm, bridging luxury beauty and outdoor – everything you need in one little 15ml portable recyclable glass jar. Loved by surfers, skiiers, dog walkers and yogis.

Provenance of our ingredients matters so much to us. Ingredients include soil association organic sunflower oil, organic beeswax, sweet almond oil, wheatgerm vitamin E, almond kernel butter, Indian Sandalwood and African Rose Geranium. By doing this we aim to bring you the best of global and local ingredients.


Manomara in Marrakesh

In September this year Manomara adventured to Marrakesh to explore souks and the community’s Medina streets, learning about time honoured cosmetic ingredients and a traditional Moroccan Hammam.

Back from our travels we brought rose water, black soap, and clay masks and a new love for eucalyptus steam rooms and all over body scrubbing. You can’t be shy – leave your bra and coyness at the door of a hammam – but you will leave feeling re-liberated & contentedly good.

Gift for Gary Barlow

On 16th September this year we were lucky enough to be graced with music from the brilliant and well-loved band Take That.

Gary Barlow, Mark Owen and Howard Donald flew to Jersey to perform a private set organised by Elaine & Chris Fairfax who bid for the gig at a charity auction for Children in Need, then re-donated their prize to raise money for Durrell’s Sumatran Orangutan haven project.

Manomara donated 50 gift bags and three went to particularly special guests:) They each received a jar of hand made Soul Butter and a Rainforest Candle made from eco soy and surplus local beeswax.

The event was attended by Dr Tessa Hartmann CBE, Dr Lee Durrell & ITV local news anchor Jess Dunsdon.

Matt Porteous work goes global

Photographer Matt Porteous who is based in Jersey, C.I. and whose creative outdoor images have appeared on Manomara products and website, was rather busy this Summer snapping  a certain Master George of Cambridge! Prince George had his very sweet 3rd birthday photographs taken by Matt as requested by the Prince’s beautiful mother, HRH the Duchess of Cambridge.

Team M x



Rob on telly

M. spokesman is on telly right now. Engineer Rob Bell is presenting Britain’s Greatest Bridges on Channel 5 as we speak [Friday 21st October 2016, 9.00 pm – 10.00 pm]

While he’s not doing that, he’s adventuring, running marathons round the world, cycling round Canada .. and all the while using his trusty Manomara jar. //Manomaradventure

Team M x

Low-fi cosmetics celebrated

‘In an industry fuelled by technological advances (in products, machines and techniques), it is notable that (one can) simply, and rather magically, used nothing but hands and a selection of serums and oils’ to make yourself look like a lifted and better version of yourself.

‘Who knew that low-fi could be so spectacularly effective?’

Says Sophie Bloomfield in her facial article, Harper’s Bazaar, February 2016.

We agree

Team M. x


london calling

Been in the big smoke to meet a global beauty retailer and the good news is.. one senior beauty insider keeps a Manomara product on her desk.

Being a little brand, on a little Island, with product hand made by the sea, I’m smiling about the fact that she’s recognised the thought and hard work that’s gone into Manomara and she knows she can trust it every day.

Big love xxx Happy new year

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more lovely testimonials coming in ★

‘I use mine constantly. I absolutely love it so do my children.’  Mum of 4, Journalist.

‘ It worked on my daughter’s eczema, brilliant.’ Teacher, scout leader.

‘I’m obsessed with Manomara!’ Health & fitness trainer.

x x x

Manomara used around the world

Adventurer-presenter and Manomara spokesman Rob Bell took a jar of original Outdoor Formula around the world with him on a 7 marathon, 7 day, 7 continent charity challenge via the Antarctic and Singapore. The product was tested to the max and used as everything from lip balm to aftersun to antichafe.

On his journey, Rob inspired people to get outside, discover this gorgeous planet, love life and be a good person. That’s exactly what Manomara stands for.

We’re delighted to have been even the smallest part of this incredible feat.

Rob Bell Profile Picture