Zen Candle | Tribe




Hand poured ethical candles bring such joy. Tribe candle pictured centre, is Manomara’s best seller.

Having spent all day outdoors, even Manomara’s tribe needs to come inside sometimes. And when you do arrive home, let it be a treat.

Fragrancing rooms with pine, wood and air, Tribe is our signature scent.

Made with local surplus Island beeswax from honey making, the main component of these candles is zero waste.

It is free from artificial herbicide or pesticide as bees collect pollen in a wild, unharmed environment, by the sea.

These candles carry the Genuine Jersey mark of product provenance.



Heat and fire warning – please be aware that clearly these products become very hot when lit and need to be on a flat surface away from anything flammable. Care should be taken when wax is liquid (could burn skin) and when touching the glass after candle has been lit – very hot.


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